Restored WP CMS and maybe restoring some content from the past

I’ve taken some time today to reinstall WP and think about getting this blog and web site up and running again. It’s been a year since I shut it down due to the site being hacked. Before I do too much work on the restoration, I’m going to work on making sure it is a secure as it can be. Preferably without spending too much money.

Stay tuned…

Chuck’s Home World Returns?

June 12, 2019

This site is currently not available. Sometime on June 12, 2019 (early morning hours US Eastern Time), the webstite was modified and turned into a phishing site for a bank. This was found within a few hours and the complete site was removed. There were a couple of text files where the passwords being captured were stored. Review of these files indicated no actual passwords had been captured.

Back in the early 2000s, having a personal web site of your own was pretty cool. Since the advent of social media, the personal website and its upkeep just isn’t worth it.