Losing a tooth, BP high again

Well I’m going to lose a tooth. A tooth that back in the early 90’s I had a root canal on and a gold and porcelain put on. The tooth that has help me chomp through many foods (which leads to another point, see below). After X-Rays and consultation with a root canal team it was determined that the tooth’s root has cracked. A trip to an oral surgeon confirmed the tooth needs to be removed as soon as possible. That is until my BP is low enough for the surgery.

I’m now on day 4 of Amoxicillin the pain has almost subsided. Day three of new blood pressure medicine and my BP has lowered a good bit. I think between the pain, the constant influx of Naproxen for said pains, and the lack of decent heath has caused me to have the high blood pressure. The Losartan I’ve started to take is a medium dosage and helps to protect the kidneys. It does have some side affect such as muscle fatigue, joint aches, etc. I’m currently suffering some back issues (middle, and muscular) so I’m treating it with heat mostly.

So as hinted above, this tooth issue has become the impetus for another life change as it has pointed out the high blood pressure. One to keep me going for several more years I hope. It’s time to get serious about eating healthy and getting the heart and lungs into shape. I’ll really get serious about that very soon.

But back to the Tooth. Its number is 19. It’s on the lower left and is second to the last one. Being sans wisdom tooth, that means it’s a second molar if I remember dental layouts correctly. In any case, I’m going to lose it! And the current plan is to get things moving on getting an implant to take its place. That may take a year and a good bit of money (insurance only covers 50% and deductables), so this next year I’ll be sure to setup Flexible spending again.

Some SSD Before and After testing

Before shutting down, I ran the Blackmagic Disk Speed Test. It ran a few times using the 5GB size selected.

Apple 250 SSD (stock) Test Results

I then shutdown and replaced the stock SSD with the new one I got from OWC (macsales.com). The drive is an Aura Pro 2 1 TB. The following is the results of the same test made a few hours after the new drive was restored from my Time Machine backup made just before shutting down. Definitely faster, and of course roughly 4 times the storage capacity.

Test results on new SSD

Another attempt at updating My Mac Pro

A while back I tried to update my Mac Pro with a 1 TB drive. I ran into lots of issues and finally had to go back to my old stock SSD. I’ve recently decided to get another SSD and bring my system back up to 1 TB. It’s tougher to get an off the shelf unit because of the proprietary connector Apple used. So I went with OWC (Macsales.com). It’s installed and will be testing things out. It is faster according to testings (Blackmagic’s Disk Tester) but I won’t know until I really start doing things if I see any real world speed increases.

Removed all things from my FB account

So I’m really gone 99.9% from FB. I took all my posts, messages, likes and everything I could away. My account should appear new and empty – though it’s not completely deleted.

I had to use some Chrome extensions to help me with the tasks, and it took a few hours for things to process. I’m sure none of it was actually removed from FB but it appears to be gone.

I left FB mostly because of all the bull shit that’s posted on there and it was no longer something I wanted in my life. Now people can refer to FB all they want, but I won’t be bombarded with their views on religion or politics. I’m happier this way.

Sure, I’ll miss keeping up with my friends and family, but there was many ways to do that before FB came along. Today especially simply sending a text message is enough to state you’re alive and around. Good enough for me.

So goodbye Facebook and that social platform.

Financial Wellness Session at Work, Good bye to Citibank. Still no Facebook.

This past week, we had a couple of sessions presented to us regarding financial management. Most of what they said was common sense, but also provided a technique to help reduce debt. I’ve pretty much been doing what they were suggesting, but I’m at a place in my life and career where I can do that. I now need to start focusing more on my retirement and try to build a bit of a nest egg to help me when I retire. That’s only a few years away if I want to retire in my early 60’s.

To that end, I said good bye to Citibank. I’ve closed the two major credit cards I had over there and the checking account I had where some of my paycheck was going. I had no real problems with Citi, but my other bank was a bit closer to where I live. I rarely go to the branch but when I do, I’d prefer to have one closer to where I live.

I’ve still not been on Facebook since I left. There are times where I want to load the page, but I hold off. I’m pretty sure that I’ll close the account at this point. I have until April 1 (my own deadline) to make up my mind.

Busy week, but very productive

Last week was really busy as we had some guests from Germany visiting. It was productive in what we needed to get accomplished, but not so much in the usual day to day activities. Although it was a four day work week for us, each of the four days was pretty long.

As part of the week, I usually had some homework to do as I made quite a few buttons using my button maker. I’m getting low on materials so I ordered another kit to make at least 200 more pieces. New buttons included sayings like “Don’t Blame Security”, “Follow the Fun” and a few about the death of IBM Lotus Notes applications.

I also registered a new domain that redirects to this site for the moment. If you point to chuckathon.com, you’ll be redirected to this website.

Missing FB a bit, but not enough to log back in yet.

As stated in a previous post, I’ve stopped using FaceBook. And the only thing I find that may be very useful is the birthday reminders and trying to keep up with some family. I’m not going to sneak a peek or anything. I’m not going to share anything that has a “share on FB” link. I’m serious, that I will not get onto that service until at least May 1. Around that time I’ll consider it and perhaps get back on it. Or perhaps delete my account. Still up in the air at this point.

Stopped using Facebook

A few days ago, I decided that I didn’t want to use Facebook any longer. I’m tired of the crap that shows up. Posts that are too religious, too atheist, too left, too right. For Trump, against Trump. For the wall, against the wall. Too Much Bull Shit!

So, good bye FB for the time being. I’ve even deleted the app from my phone. I’m not closing the account yet, but may do so sometime in the future. I don’t want to drop the contacts I have nor lose the photos and that kind of stuff. And, in case I come back, I’ll want to keep the same account.

To that end, I’m going top try to do more posts to this page. I’m still not sure if I’ll keep this page where it currently is, and I have a few months to make a decision to find a new host, host it myself or just find a new service that isn’t WordPress.