After doing some testing, updating my Cable Internet Speed

I don’t think I really need it, but I’m boosting my speed up to Comcast’s Blast (200 Mbps). Why am I writing this here? I tried to remember the last time I updated my package and I had to dig around a lot more (reviewing CC bills to see when the price bumped up). I found it – it was December of 2016, but now I have this entry, I’ll search again and know it was done on April 30, 2017. Memory!

I was hoping to get more footage, but weather wasn’t participating

In a recent quick and short visit to my farmhouse in SC, I was able to take these images. I was only able to fly the drone for about 20 minutes before I had to stop and run out to pick up my sister. I was hoping to come back over the next day and shoot some more but that didn’t work out due to over cast weather and that another grand nephew came into the world. No problem, I’ll be back in another month or so to have another chance to capture more and get some more “flying” in. I wish there was a place to fly and practice at home…I’ll just have to find a place. I’ve posted many more on my Facebook page.

Updates for Farmhouse and Drone Repairs

The farmhouse is coming along now. It’s good to see this phase of things as it appears to move more quickly than other phases. I know things will start slowing down as they work on the inside – at least not be as drastic on a day to day basis with changes. 

On the drone front, service is now repairing the unit and it says 3 or 4 days for repair and testing. I’m hoping that will come along. In the meantime I’ve purchased another one to have as a spare for when one goes into service, I’ll still have one to use. Hey, a computer would cost me more and I’m OK with keeping what I have for another year or more! Don’t judge me! :-).

More framing and a brick walkway – Farm house updates!

Here are a few more photos as sent from my sister. The wood framing is nearing completion I think based on what I’m seeing. They have framed up the roof, but have not yet put the roof decking down. That’s coming soon.

A bonus is that we’ve discovered a complete brick walk way that had been buried by only a few inches of dirt. My brother-in-law has done some digging to uncover it. There are some rough spots that could be repaired, but overall what I see is in pretty good condition. I suspect we’ll move the mail box to the end of it so that it is actually on our land.

Some Farm House Updates

A good bit has happened with the house. The foundation was done with plumbing and various things completed and inspected. Walls have started going up. Thanks to my sister Joy for proving some photos as things progress.

This is as of around April 5, showing the foundation.
This shows an angle where the back door (left) and first bedroom.
Looking through the bedroom closet
Looking through the bedroom closet through the bathroom and into the shower.