Getting a bit more into the 4K video world

A few weeks ago I updated my Apple TV to the latest 4K model. I didn’t have a 4K display or TV yet, but it works fine on standard 1080p. It has updated internals so it’s a bit more responsive and the remote is better than the old one. Of course I now want to update my TV in the living room, but I’m holding off on that. Perhaps I’ll get a bit of a bonus or increase that will offset the cost a bit. Looking for a mid-range unit so I’ll research the options.

However, I did go low to low mid range for updating the TV in my bedroom. And it’s 4K, but slightly smaller in screen size than the 12 year old I had in there. ¬†Of course another Apple TV 4K had to be ordered and that should be arriving the day I write this posts.

Work is good and still challenging. In fact I just spent about 4 hours trying to get a new server and software setup. We’re looking to maybe use Snipe-IT for asset tracking. This will replace the IBM Notes based application that has been in use for quite a long time. I’ll be happy to get rid of that damn thing too as I didn’t develop it and it is very confusing to maintain the design. Yuck.

The next few weeks are going to be very busy for me. This coming week will be the most quiet, followed by a few days the next week with guests from Germany. The the following week a business trip and that will be followed the following week with a much longer business trip, followed quickly by a wedding weekend and a few days of vacation with my oldest sister and her grand kids.

Of course to prepare for my guests, I’ll move my old bedroom TV into the guest room and hook up one of the older Apple TVs. I don’t have a cable tv service so it will have to do.