Missing FB a bit, but not enough to log back in yet.

As stated in a previous post, I’ve stopped using FaceBook. And the only thing I find that may be very useful is the birthday reminders and trying to keep up with some family. I’m not going to sneak a peek or anything. I’m not going to share anything that has a “share on FB” link. I’m serious, that I will not get onto that service until at least May 1. Around that time I’ll consider it and perhaps get back on it. Or perhaps delete my account. Still up in the air at this point.

Taxes Files and Maryland Refund already Received.

I checked my accounts today and saw a boost in the balance. I looked deeper and sure enough it was the refund of over paid taxes from Maryland. This was pretty fast as I only files this past Friday. File on Friday, get paid the following Wednesday! Awesome. Now I owe in SC because of my rental property and I don’t pay in advance (which I’m thinking of filing or paying into it quarterly. It’s not very much though, so as long as I’m not penalized, I’ll may continue to file as I have for the last couple of years, paying SC instead of getting a refund. Now for Federal Refund, which gets smaller every year. That one may take some time and especially if the Government is shut down again, it may take even longer.

I use TurboTax by the way – the Home and Small Business version since I have a “business” of a rental property.