Visit with Jean & Kenny, New headphones, A Lot of Work

Yesterday I spent some time with my friends Jean and Kenny at their house. It was a nice visit and I didn’t stay too late. I got home around 9:20 PM. Jean and I spent a good bit of time talking about our pasts too and it was quite enjoyable traversing our memory lanes.

For the last few weeks I’d been contemplating on picking up a new pair of headphones. I need something to help block the noise in the office and since I was already familiar with the Bose QuietComfort technology from using my Uncle’s set of Q3’s,

Work lately has been taking up a good bit of my time. I don’t mind as I feel like I’m doing some important stuff. For the last couple of weeks I have been working on our “Price Exceptions” system. This Lotus Notes based system is used for requesting discounts for our stuff. The entire workflow has been changed and I’ve been working on getting that aspect done. I was really close to what I was told then had a meeting with the Director of Sales (just to ask a couple of questions) and he threw another couple of things in there. I now have another couple of days work to do before I can get ready for the testing phase. I’m enjoying the project, but I’m about over it!

Because my sleeping schedule has been off (getting up at 2:30 – 3:30 AM everyday) allowed me to go into the office to work between 5:45 and 6:30 AM for a while. I’d done that so much that I decided to leave a 2PM on Friday and take some time to myself. (As I write this I have my work computer doing stuff and I’ll put in a few hours on a couple of items on this Sunday morning).

Coincidentally, we’re using the same theme that I’ve switched to for this blog. Easel is the primary theme and it supports child themes so I’ve created one specifically for our company web site. That’s another slow moving project because of not having the resources to get things done. I’m going to try to spend a couple of hours a day working on it this week.

Maui: Driving the winding “highway”, Snorkeling & Pig roasted below ground!

Wednesday was a very long day. We took the Highway to Hana which ended in Hana. But it was the journey, we headed over to Feast At Lele for a really great time at the Feast at Lele Luau.

Some of the photos above were taken with my camera and some with Carol or Chris’s. The under water pics were taken with a camera in a sealed case, however, after we discovered it was in Macro Mode so all the pictures turned out fuzzy and out of focus. We should have taken a bit more time before hand to make sure the camera (borrowed from a Friend of Carol’s) was setup correctly. Oh well.

Over all this is the best vacation I’ve ever had. And its one of the best Oakmont’s too! (Just wish the others could be here too!)

I spent the weekend working on a new site

I’ve not spent so much time on a new site in such a long time! This weekend I put in about 20 hours or so working on getting the site “” – this isn’t my site, its my Cousin’s and her partner.

I’ve been having a blast getting it up and running and doing things that will help me work on some graphic design skills. When I get the time, I’m going to start redesigning and hopefully this site too.

Take a peek at and let me know what you think.


Oh, I just installed Macromedia Studio 8. I’ve been using MS Front Page for most of the static pages here at, and have been trying to learn Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Flash. I have to some good projects in mind too.

A couple of mods to the Picture Frame

Happy 4th everyone!

So today, I took my new Dremel rotary tool and tried to modify the frame so that more air could get around and so that I could stick my finger into hit the on/off switch more easily. It was much tougher than I though it should be. I must get some practice wood if I’m going to be doing anything with my Dremel!

Other than that, the cats and I just hung out and watched some movies.

Yesterday, my northern Friends and I had a good meal at Timbuktu’s Restaurant and Carry Out

Being that the 4th is on a Tuesday this year; my friends came up on Tuesday. They both had planned to take off on Monday so they had a really long weekend. I had to work today so they didn’t stay very late.

The meal we had was very good and there was a lot of food. I had to take a good bit of it home and ate it for supper. I had heard they make some of the best crab cakes and it was true, they were delicious!

As usual, it was a great time.

Digital Photo Frame Project

I recently sold an old laptop to a friend with the condition that she give me her old laptop. Mine was too good for this project, being older and rather lacking in features, was a good fit.

This past weekend I finally got down to creating my own Digital Photo Frame.



Some specifications: Laptop – Toshiba Satellite 1005-S153 (I think that’s the model number), 256MB Memory, 16GB hard disk, connected wirelessly to my home network and internet. I’m using the desktop wallpaper swapper from the Winter Funpack 2004. As you can see in the upper right corner, I’m using the Yahoo! Widget Engine to get the current weather information. I may add other useful little widgets later, but for now that’s plenty.

Update on whats been going on

I just realized that its been over a month since I’ve last posted. I’ve been very bad, and will continue to make the efforts to post more frequently.

I’m not feeling all that well today…I’m keeping a cold at bay. I hope that with the vitamins and plenty of rest, I can knock this out rather quickly.

I’ve been very busy at work and it looks like it will continue to be very busy for me too. I think that’s a good thing, but man does it make the time go by.

A couple of weeks ago, my boss and a co-worker went to Lotusphere, a big IBM Lotus anual event that is held down in sunny Florida. It was a good time, and I learned quite a bit. We stayed on the Disney resort in the All Stars Sports hotel. It wasn’t a bad place, but it didn’t have internet access. Fortunately, the hotels where the event was being held did have wireless access the entire time. There were only a couple of spots in the sessions where I couldn’t access my email and stuff.

Over this past weekend I finally got around to updating the DAM segments for members. DAM or Dumb Ass Movies, is an email game that my friends and I play. Chris, our friend from L.A. sends these weekly emails and we have to guess the name, stars and stuff from a picture. I’ve been tasks with maintaining the scores. I get behind sometimes, but I think I’m finally caught up.

We’re in the process of planning this years Oakmont weekend, and its going to be a blast. This year we’re all heading to the wendy city of Chicago!

Kodi and Keiko are both doing well. Keiko has now been with me about a year! Its hard to imagine, but I adopted her at the end of January, 2005!

I’ve not heard from my sisters in a while, so if you are reading this, please send an email soon.

Gotta run, go get some drugs for this cold thingy and climb into bed.

Had a fun Birthday… Bed is scheduled for delivery!

Although the actual birthday was pretty relaxing. The day before my PA Friends, Jean and Kenny came over and we went to Pasta Nostra in Laurel. We were going to go to Pasta Plus (also in Laurel) but decided to check this place out first. Once we saw the menu options, we decided to give it a try and it was EssexCoveBRS.jpgquite good. I’ll be going back someday. The only thing I noticed is that it seems this Italian restaurant is run by Hispanic people. Nothing wrong with that, just struck me a little odd. The food was quite delicious any hoots!

While we were out and about, Gloria from Haverty’s called and told me my bed was in. I asked about the pending Sweater Chest and she said there was no news on it. We decided to schedule the delivery of the bed, which I wasn’t really expecting until sometime mid-December. Its still going to be mid-December, because the first available date for delivery is December 10th. Gloria said she was keep an eye out for the Sweater chest and we’ll have them both delivered at the same time if possible.