Using an Alternate Editor for Postings

Yesterday I installed a plug-in for WordPress to replace the current "rich editor" with another.  WordPress by default uses the Lite TinyMCE editor, which provides some what you see is what you get type editing. Not too powerful, but enough to allow one to bold text and insert images & links.

The one that I’m trying out now is called FCKEditor and is installed via ChenPress plug-in. It provides tons of options, but isn’t quite compatible with the default one. I have to be very careful if I need to update a page or posting. I’ll try it for a while and see what happens.

The image shown here is a portion of the screen and was borrowed from the FCKeditor website. And before you mis-read the name, its maintained and developed by – so don’t go thinking that its saying something its not.

People Trying to Register

I’ve had only one legitimate registration for the site in the last few days. I’ve had six or seven names that appear to be spammers. I approve new users so I have been able to remove those that come from, . My old system had that problem and I had to disable all comments. With this system I can approve users and get rid of the ones that don’t behave. And the process is really easy and thorough. With a couple of keystrokes the user and all posts from them are gone!

If you have problems with your registration you can send me an email and tell me your selected email address. I can register you manually or will approve your request when I see it. Anyone spamming this site will be removed immediately.

Register & Login to Leave Comments

If you’d like to comment on any of my postings, once you register and login. I don’t allow anonymous comments and all comments will be approved before being shown on the site. I’ll do this for now so that I can keep out any spam comments that may appear.

Registration is simple. Click on the “Register” link shown under the “Meta” section on the right. Fill in the prompts and follow the directions. Information & Email addresses will be kept confidential and will never be sold.