32 GB of memory on my desk waiting to be installed.

So, I’ve ordered and received my first upgrade to the Mac Pro. It came with 16 GB memory, but I really wanted to have 32 GB which is what was in my iMac. Do I need it? maybe not all the time, but it really allows me to edit videos with more in memory. I’m not really doing a lot of that at the moment, but I hope to get back into it and start creating more video content for the training site at work. Anyway, that’s a project for this weekend – the laborious tasks of removing opening the “monster”.

Okay, I exaggerate. It’s actually really easy. OWC is always good at producing really high quality videos to tell you exactly how to do it.

Well, I just did it. I just ordered a Mac Pro! (CANCELLED ORDER)

UPDATE ON JANUARY 29 – Cancelled the order. I just can’t really justify the purchase at this time. I’d rather spend the money and continue to fix up the house (floors, etc.).

I’ve been thinking of upgrading from my current iMac (which I will sell to help offset the cost of the new machine) for a while now. I’ve gone through the configuration for the Mac Pro several times but never actually saved it to the shopping cart. Today, I’ve finally made the decision to buy the machine.

I started with the least expensive version and boosted the options a bit which pushed it up quite a bit, but no where near the $9,500 or so that a full blown setup would be. There is no way i’ll be able to justify that. I’m barely justifying the purchase I just committed to, but I ┬áthink I can do it. I already bought a monitor that would work – basically it’s the same resolution as my current iMac. I use it sometimes as a secondary screen for the iMac, but mostly it’s the primary screen when I’m doing work at home using the work laptop.


Currently shipping in February… now I am excited and can’t wait!

New Router installed and running fine

So I order a router to be delivered on Saturday (free, Amazon Prime) and as usual it came early and was dropped off at my door on Friday around 7PM. I brought it in and set it aside knowing I would be able to install it today. So this morning, I took several important captures of my old router, unplugged it and plugged in the new one. It took a few minutes for it to connect to my cable modem, but it soon got a valid IP address and I was able to get out to the web.

The longest part was going through all my WiFi and wired devices and setting them up to connect to the network. I wanted to reserve the assigned IP addresses so I could rely on them to be the same all the time. Later, I’ll lock it down so that no new devices can just be added on without me knowing about it. That will take a bit of time though. I did set up a guest wifi (secured) so that when family and friend come over they can connect easily, but not be on my own normal network.

I’ll have to take some time over the next few weeks to see what’s what with this thing and see how the online aspects work. I can attach USB storage and also manage it from the web. More information on the D-Link DIR-865L router can be found here.