Financial Wellness Session at Work, Good bye to Citibank. Still no Facebook.

This past week, we had a couple of sessions presented to us regarding financial management. Most of what they said was common sense, but also provided a technique to help reduce debt. I’ve pretty much been doing what they were suggesting, but I’m at a place in my life and career where I can do that. I now need to start focusing more on my retirement and try to build a bit of a nest egg to help me when I retire. That’s only a few years away if I want to retire in my early 60’s.

To that end, I said good bye to Citibank. I’ve closed the two major credit cards I had over there and the checking account I had where some of my paycheck was going. I had no real problems with Citi, but my other bank was a bit closer to where I live. I rarely go to the branch but when I do, I’d prefer to have one closer to where I live.

I’ve still not been on Facebook since I left. There are times where I want to load the page, but I hold off. I’m pretty sure that I’ll close the account at this point. I have until April 1 (my own deadline) to make up my mind.