Had a fun Birthday… Bed is scheduled for delivery!

Although the actual birthday was pretty relaxing. The day before my PA Friends, Jean and Kenny came over and we went to Pasta Nostra in Laurel. We were going to go to Pasta Plus (also in Laurel) but decided to check this place out first. Once we saw the menu options, we decided to give it a try and it was EssexCoveBRS.jpgquite good. I’ll be going back someday. The only thing I noticed is that it seems this Italian restaurant is run by Hispanic people. Nothing wrong with that, just struck me a little odd. The food was quite delicious any hoots!

While we were out and about, Gloria from Haverty’s called and told me my bed was in. I asked about the pending Sweater Chest and she said there was no news on it. We decided to schedule the delivery of the bed, which I wasn’t really expecting until sometime mid-December. Its still going to be mid-December, because the first available date for delivery is December 10th. Gloria said she was keep an eye out for the Sweater chest and we’ll have them both delivered at the same time if possible.