Hello Martha! Trip to India Cancelled! Lots of work – status quo!

I just had a very nice Instant Chat with Martha, a coworker from Germany who was very instrumental in our SAP Rollout about a year ago. She spent many hours working away on customer master data setup in SAP for our conversion. It was very nice speaking with her and hope to see her again next time I’m in Munich.

I was suppose to in Bangalore, flights were cancelled and we ended up having to cancel the entire trip. I was psyched about being there, just not getting there. It was going to be 17 hours air time to get there and another 19 to get home. With about a 4 or 5 hour layover between each. I’ve been told that we may fly business class when we book it to make it easier for the 2 or 3 days we’ll actually be there. At least my Indian VISA is good for a year!

Work continues to pile up and it will continue to get more stressful over the next few months as we get closer and closer to moving into our new location. I’m looking forward to being in new digs, but at the same time its going to be more open and I’ll have even more noise to deal with. Perhaps, I will end up working from home a bit more often. The new place is a bit closer to where we are now. The building shell looks almost complete (as of 2 or 3 weeks ago), and we’re still on schedule for an October move.

I found an OpenNTF project that would allow us to do email merge using our Lotus Notes client. It’s pretty awesome but we have to be careful of how we roll it out – perhaps only to those who require it. We need to be careful about people sending too much email in mass to prevent the company’s public domain from being black listed as a spammer.

I had an issue with one of the four Raspberry PI computers – it wasn’t staying booted. I ended up backing down the over clocking to just let it run and will watch it for a while. I swapped out the unit with one that is in our department so that I can keep a closer eye on it during the day. One time yesterday, the TV switched to Netflix – the PI had frozen or locked up. I rebooted then changed the over clocking settings so it runs at its original speeds.

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