Mattress was delivered

Well, which is much higher than I’m used to, but not too high to cause problems getting in and out of bed. Both cats like the bed and can either jump directly onto it, or use the night stands.

I’m using a King size comforter on the bed which isn’t a problem. I bought one of those kits that comes with the shams, skirt and spread. Because my bed is a few weeks out, I decided to use the skirt when I was putting on some new sheets on Saturday. I forgot that I was using a king size and the skirt was too big. I made it work though by tucking in the extra bits. Unfortunately its pretty slick material so it doesn’t want to stay. I’m not going to worry too much since I won’t actually use it on my new bed.

I need to pick up another one for my guest bed. The covering I have on there right now is pretty beat up and its its due to be tucked away for a raining day, or donated to help keep less fortunate people warm.