Maui: Driving the winding “highway”, Snorkeling & Pig roasted below ground!

Wednesday was a very long day. We took the Highway to Hana which ended in Hana. But it was the journey, we headed over to Feast At Lele for a really great time at the Feast at Lele Luau.

Some of the photos above were taken with my camera and some with Carol or Chris’s. The under water pics were taken with a camera in a sealed case, however, after we discovered it was in Macro Mode so all the pictures turned out fuzzy and out of focus. We should have taken a bit more time before hand to make sure the camera (borrowed from a Friend of Carol’s) was setup correctly. Oh well.

Over all this is the best vacation I’ve ever had. And its one of the best Oakmont’s too! (Just wish the others could be here too!)

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