New Lease 2010 Prius IV (with Navigation Package)

I was going to wait another year, but I had a hankering for a new one. I did some research and found a dealer that had something in stock (which I later found was expected stock). I ended up leasing a Black Prius IV as shown in the images below (some are the actual car in my parking lot).  You can explore the Toyota Prius here.

I was going to buy a new one, but decided to lease it instead. I’ve leased cars in the past and its not a bad thing. I’ll most likely swap it out for a new one in 4 years anyway.  I didn’t have any equity in my old car anyway and so unless I kept it for another 3 years I’d not get any return from it.

I’ll be studying the manuals tonight, but here are a few of the features I know of so far with this new car:

  • Navigation System (better than my old one!)
  • Bluetooth phone
  • Bluetooth Audio
  • Built-in XM Radio (3 months free)
  • XM Radio can provide traffic updated up to 12 times an hour
  • Keyless entry (same as before, but better I think)
  • Remote start (for those really hot or cold days)

One thing I really liked about the Blue Tooth phone is the ability to simply transfer my contacts from my phone to the car’s phone directory. It was really a matter of touch/touch/done!

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  1. Oh no you didn’t!! Well, color me completely jealous! Chris and I saw one of these while bumming around Seatte before his flight. Wow. I’d love a new one, but I’ve only got 5K left on mine, and I want to pay it off and build up another nest egg before jumping back in. Do you have heated seats? Does it have a sunroof? Those are two of the things I miss most on my Prius.

    Well, enjoy, and I’ll look forward to seeing a picture of YOU in the new Prius. Congrats!!!

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