New Netbook, Catching up on BL

I picked up a net book on Friday (Samsung NC10-14GB). I did this primarily to use while working out on my treadmill and at the gym. The expense is much less than my MacBook Pro so I won’t “just die” if it goes missing while I’m at the gym. It is a good little device and I wrote this post using it. The first thing I did on Friday was to install Windows 7 RC build 7100. I’ve already ordered a couple upgrades for Window 7 so this machine will be updated to the latest version around October 22 when it comes out.

Using some credit card “Thank you” points I’m getting an upgrade for the memory to bring this little guy up to 2GB instead of the single 1GB it came with. I’ve also “thank you” pointed an external optical drive. These things should be arriving this week. I think I’ll see some improvement on speed and response once I get the memory upgraded.

On Saturday and most of Sunday, I watched the first season of Boston Legal (BL). I really have enjoyed it thus far and will be watching it each night for the next few weeks as I work through seasons 2, 3, 4 and 5. Too bad it’s no longer being made. Its really a great show!

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