Lots of Work, Fridays off and A tree fell on my house!


Work continues to be fun and challenging and it seems to take up most of my time. I know I’m appreciated so it’s not a bad thing. The new boss is working out fine and the processes and procedures are a bit different, but so far he’s not making me hate my job. There is a bit more overhead to handle with some additional administration tasks, but it’s not too bad. I just include that now into my daily duties. It’s not a waste of my time as other coworkers seem to think. It’s part of the job so I do it.

I still tend to get up early and work for a bit. Sometimes only an hour sometimes two or three hours. Even on days off, which I’m now taking a few extra to deal with the over load of PTO I have accrued. I need to use it before it’s no longer mine to use. I have a good reason to use some more now, but I’ll elaborate on that in a bit. Regardless, in many cases, it’s not “work” to me. I mean it is as I’m doing things to benefit the job, but it’s fun and challenging and I like to do the stuff.

Fridays off….

So yeah, I’ve been taking Fridays off from the job, allowing me the normal 4 day work week. It’s pretty good even though (as stated above) I do work a bit during that time. Not always, but, usually. Taking Fridays off makes for a nice long weekend. Since I don’t have to go into the office to work, and I’m usually stopping by 8 or 9 AM anyway, I still have the whole day to lounge or do some things around the house. It still nice to not have to go into the office and it feels like I’m having a full day off.

The Tree that Couldn’t Stand it Any Longer…

So a tree fell on my Farm house in Scranton, SC during the storm that was named Matthew. This hurricane had already started to slow in its intensity, it did however have enough rain and wind to cause some major damage. A week later there is still flooding in many parts of North and South Carolina that has displayed many more than just my farm house tenants. Below are a few images from the house showing the damage caused by the roughly 30 ton tree.

We are unsure of how much damage and how much time it will take to repair. There is a chance we’ll level the place, but most likely it will be a repair with the back of the house being replaced. It’s just too early to tell what’s going too happen right now.

I’m just so thankful that no one was injured during the storm and when the tree fall. My sister was witness to the falling tree, but it could have been a lot worse. Everyone is safe and sound. Now it’s just a matter of putting things back to the way they were – or even better.

Had a wonderful time visiting family this Christmas!

It was good to see everyone and I was able to see all my nephews & nieces and their children (with the exception of one nephew who was not available).

I broke the trip down into two pieces and was able to spend a good bit of the day visiting sisters before heading over to the beach. I first made it into Florence, which was very tasty. It was my first real break away from the diet. After visiting with Karen (momentarily because she was off to work) I spent the afternoon visiting with John & Chris, then Rhonda and family once she came home. This was Wednesday. I was at the beach sometime around 6:30 PM.

Thursday, I made it back over to see Karen & Rhonda again – going a bit earlier so I’d have more time to spend with Karen.  After Karen went to work, Rhonda and I made our way to the store to pick up a few things for our Saturday dinner. I wanted to get a bit more healthy so we picked up fruits and veggies along with the other things we needed.  I was able to return to the beach again around 7PM or so.

Visited with Jim and Ann, Jessica, Larry and Christian at the beach on Christmas eve and Christmas morning. Had lots of food and saw Uncle A. B. and Aunt Bonnie before heading over to Joy’s for Christmas night dinner (yummy steaks) and presents exchanges. Slept pretty good that night as I was a bit tired.

Saturday, Joy, Bill, Ashley, Derrick (or Darrel as I called him!), Kelsi and DJ headed over to Karen’s for our Christmas time together.  I drove on while Joy met up with Ashley and entourage. We had a wonderful time and even Jessica, Christian and Ann came in for a while. It was good to see everyone (only wished Jim would have come too).

Anyway, I made my way back to the beach on Saturday arriving sometime around 9:30 PM. On Sunday, I saw Lester, Zac and Michelle, my favorite cousin Donna, and left around 3PM to head over to visit with Karen, Rhonda and family once again. Around 7PM I was on my way home again. I in the night in NC a few miles south of the VA border and made it home on Monday around 12:30 PM. (My car’s navigation thought it would be fun to take me through DC, on 395, but it wasn’t fun at all!)

Anyway, it’s good to be back home! And even though the scales provided bad news when I got on them today it was worth visiting and eating all that wonderful food.

I didn’t take that many photos, but took a few and will posts some when I get the chance.

Very pleasant, but fast trip down to SC

I’m heading home a little bit later today. For now, I’m having some coffee, waiting for other to awake. I’m so glad I was able to come home for the weekend; I just wish it would have been for more time! I was hoping to find the time to visit Jessica and her family, but its just not working out that way. (Jessica, we’ll just have to visit more on Facebook.)

The car has behaved great. I’m definitely loving it. On average I have been getting around 53 MPH, but I have been trying to drive very conservatively. Today, as I drive home, I’ll see how it goes.

My sister Joy and I were able to visit my other two sisters and their families on Friday. It worked out great because Joy was able to take off early. Rhonda fixed some hamburgers and Joy and I picked up a few items at the store. It was great seeing everyone. I missed seeing Rufus’ kids, but hope to see them at Christmas.

My nephew Chris is still in TN wrapping up his Masters in Chemistry. He’ll be heading to Syracuse, NY in a few weeks to work on his doctorate. I’m so proud of him and can’t wait to see him at Christmas.  His parents will be helping him move in August so it looks like they may be stopping by for a night on their way. My house is not far off the interstate and is about 2/3rds to Syrucuse from where they live, so its a convenient place to stop.

My diet has really been blown, but not too far out of proportions. Its been tough to follow my own schedule of eating, but that’s OK. I’ll be back on the tight schedule starting Monday. For now, I’m having tastes and a few things I won’t let myself have regularly.

This trip has really been a great self-moral booster. Everyone can see the weight loss that I’ve been able to acheive and even though I know I still have a ways to go, its been great getting the feedback. By Christmas, I hope to be in even better shape and pretty much in maintenance mode.

As usual, Holiday Vacation was very short, but…

…very enjoyable! I was able to spend some quality time with all my sisters and family. It was nice to be back in SC for a few days, but I’m glad to be back home too!

This year, my Uncle Jim traveled with me. It was nice and we chatted most of the time on the road. It really made the 7 1/2 hour trip go quickly.

I just got on the scales this morning and I’ve gained about 3 pounds. I’m going to work very hard this week to get them off before I go in to see the doctor again. I tried to be good, but didn’t try that hard. We had good food from day 1 to yesterday and I really enjoyed it!