Tweaking the SPAM filter for MySpace

Over the last couple of days I’ve received a few friend invites from some sexy ladies. The funny thing is their name was different but their profiles were pretty much exactly the same. The profiles said something like “This isn’t my real profile, so you should visit me at xxx where you can find more Adult type information.” I think not.

Fridge continues to chill, Uncle coming for a visit, Mail from me!

Over night the ice-maker made ice. The fridge remained cold and everything continues to run fine. I think I can now start replacing needed items, so I may be doing some grocery shopping today along with the other errands I have to do.

My Uncle is coming to town for work but he’s coming in tonight (Saturday) and staying with me until Monday morning. He has some work to do in the area then he’s off to Chicago.

I continue to receive a few spam message that are spoofed to show they’re coming from me. Today I found two such emails in my “From Me” folder where I have these message redirected. Because they’re showing from me, I’m afraid that if I mark it as junk I’ll get blacklisted or something. Today after looking at the normally hidden header information on one of the emails I found a link to a website for reporting service abuse. I reported one message as abuse, but the other didn’t appear to come from the same source.

Want to post some comments here?

Hey, and your comments will have to be approved before showing them on the site.

Why all the approvals? Well, recently and in the past, SPAMMERS have programs and people who will go to various sites and post links to product websites and such. This serves a couple of purposes. Once is that more links to their sites the more changes it will show in the top results of search engines like Google. Also, its a free way for them to get people to their site because my readers may click on the links.

All that aside, I’m looking forward to getting some good discussions going on here.

Someone tried to Post a Spam Comment!

I knew it would happen, WordPress allows me to quickly identify and remove these. In fact I have to approve all comments before they appear. I really like this new system.

My but I’m guessing it really shouldn’t take all that long. All but the dishwasher will slide into place. The washer & dryer would be the next because of the connections, but that should be too much either. Tonight or tomorrow I’ll check out around what I currently have and clean it up a bit.

It looks like its going to be rainy for the next couple of days. Hopefully, by Saturday, things will be a little drier.

Money money money Based on’s Where’s My Refund, I’ve found out my federal will be deposited on Friday, March 2nd. I’ll be getting a normal (well half normal) paycheck as well. My first week back was in the middle of a pay period so I’m only getting half a paycheck. Its okay because with the last short term disability, it works out to about my normal take home pay.

People Trying to Register

I’ve had only one legitimate registration for the site in the last few days. I’ve had six or seven names that appear to be spammers. I approve new users so I have been able to remove those that come from, . My old system had that problem and I had to disable all comments. With this system I can approve users and get rid of the ones that don’t behave. And the process is really easy and thorough. With a couple of keystrokes the user and all posts from them are gone!

If you have problems with your registration you can send me an email and tell me your selected email address. I can register you manually or will approve your request when I see it. Anyone spamming this site will be removed immediately.

Please help stop SPAM – Don’t reply or even read them!

Not only can they start tracking you, then please use their services.

Please don’t fall for the Pay Pal phishing scam. If you get one of these and it looks legit, go to Pay Pal from your own link, don’t follow the one. Or if you want, enter some bogus user id and password. If it continues to ask for CC information or such, fill in bogus stuff there too. Some have improved their scheme by figuring out if you enter just a bunch of numbers. One Visa card number you can use is a 4 following by 15 number ones. That will get past some validations. One of my favorite things to do it is to enter things like “We’re tracking you down” in the password field. If they start getting nothing but trash then maybe they will stop that crap!

Protect yourself. Keep your virus definitions up to date. Install and use an anti-spyware software package too. Keep it up to date. Keep your Windows systems and OSX systems up to date by visiting the update sites on a regular basis.

Oh, and don’t fall for any “Earn $20k in just two days!” from people like Robert Allen and others. You are paying for information that someone just gathered for free.

HOAX Email Virus Warnings

Repost from April, 2003

Many if not all virus warnings that you receive and send out to all your email buddies are hoaxes. And you should never detach or use something that appears to be an update to your virus software. No virus software vendor will mail you updates. They may warn you there is a new virus or an update is available, but never, NEVER follow the link in the email. Always use the option in your virus scanner to update the virus definitions.

Before sending and forwarding any email virus warnings you receive, check out to see if it is a hoax. You can find many sites that list virus hoaxes most are hosted by the anti-virus software, including these:

Symantec’s Hoax Page
McAfee’s Hoax Page
Trend Micro Page of Virus Hoaxes

Watch Out for Bogus Ad-aware downloads!

Many of you use Ad-aware to protect your computers against evil spyware and Scumware. The bad news is some Web sites and emailers are trying to take advantage of people’s trust in Ad-aware by distributing virus files and calling them Ad-aware. The makers of Ad-aware are “aware” of this problem and they are warning users to get the program from their Web site only. Check out their official response at: