Visit with Jean & Kenny, New headphones, A Lot of Work

Yesterday I spent some time with my friends Jean and Kenny at their house. It was a nice visit and I didn’t stay too late. I got home around 9:20 PM. Jean and I spent a good bit of time talking about our pasts too and it was quite enjoyable traversing our memory lanes.

For the last few weeks I’d been contemplating on picking up a new pair of headphones. I need something to help block the noise in the office and since I was already familiar with the Bose QuietComfort technology from using my Uncle’s set of Q3’s,

Work lately has been taking up a good bit of my time. I don’t mind as I feel like I’m doing some important stuff. For the last couple of weeks I have been working on our “Price Exceptions” system. This Lotus Notes based system is used for requesting discounts for our stuff. The entire workflow has been changed and I’ve been working on getting that aspect done. I was really close to what I was told then had a meeting with the Director of Sales (just to ask a couple of questions) and he threw another couple of things in there. I now have another couple of days work to do before I can get ready for the testing phase. I’m enjoying the project, but I’m about over it!

Because my sleeping schedule has been off (getting up at 2:30 – 3:30 AM everyday) allowed me to go into the office to work between 5:45 and 6:30 AM for a while. I’d done that so much that I decided to leave a 2PM on Friday and take some time to myself. (As I write this I have my work computer doing stuff and I’ll put in a few hours on a couple of items on this Sunday morning).

Coincidentally, we’re using the same theme that I’ve switched to for this blog. Easel is the primary theme and it supports child themes so I’ve created one specifically for our company web site. That’s another slow moving project because of not having the resources to get things done. I’m going to try to spend a couple of hours a day working on it this week.

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