Vista SP1 installed on all my Computers!

After looking in the Windows Update for an mention of SP1 (Service Pack 1), about 450 MB or so and it took about 1/2 an hour or so to download the file. That’s pretty quick for my broadband access.

The install wouldn’t run on my everyday laptop. It told me that I needed to wait until the languages I had installed were available in the SP1. I didn’t want to wait so I removed the Spanish, French, German and Italian languages and left only English. After doing that, I checked out Windows update and there was the entry for Vista SP1 and it was only about 65MB. I chose to install it and about 15 minutes later the system was back and running with SP1.

Now one of the pet peeves that I have run into with Windows Vista is the amount of time it takes to open a ZIP archive file. It would take between 2 minutes to 10 or 20 minutes depending how many levels deep the files were. I found an open source application that handles the ZIP format and it opens and extracts the files in seconds.

After installing SP1 I though that it would be faster to unzip files. It is. However, it still takes too much time to extract files from a zip archive. I ran a test and found Vista extracting a zip of about 25 images took about 30 – 45 seconds. Faster than before SP1. However, I used the open source program I found and the dialog opened and then closed right away. It had done the exact same thing in less that 3 seconds.

Needless to say that I’ll continue to use the open source utility when handling my zip archives. That’s okay because I can use it for other archive file types like .rar and .arc. Oh, I guess I should let you know the program I use. Its called 7-Zip and can be found here.